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Re: Nomad - SOil Smapling

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March 09, 2011 12:20PM

I'm looking to see if there is a way to use the buttons in a manual situation but this will work for you. Set your auto logging up with zero time and a large enough distance that will prevent the points from auto logging right away. Then set up your log for AUTO logging. Select GO on the Mobile screen. Now using the ENTER button you can click it once to log and again to turn it off. As you log each point repeat it. This will log the point and then turn off the logging until you get to the next point. When Finished, select Finish on the Mobile screen.

Additionally if you want to configure the Soft Keys to open Mobile, go to Start -> Settings. On the Personal Tab, choose Buttons. Here you will see the list of pre-configured buttons. The left and right soft keys are 'open' . Unless you want to change the other buttons, I would select one of those. In the Programs box, select Farm Works Mobile from the list. Click OK. Now anytime you want to open or switch between other windows, you only need to hit the soft key to pop back to Mobile.

Deb Hurraw

Nomad - SOil Smapling

Tony CovelyMarch 05, 2011 05:04PM

Re: Nomad - SOil Smapling

Deb HurrawMarch 09, 2011 12:20PM

Re: Nomad - SOil Smapling

Tony CovelyMarch 15, 2011 06:31PM

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