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Re: How to use the Budget?

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April 13, 2018 07:45AM

I also received your email and replied. I am just verifying you understood my email instructions. Here is a copy of that email, if other people reading this post may want those steps:

The Manual is only suggestion to enter a negative balance, if you are using a line or Credit - or a checking account that is really an operating loan. Otherwise the beginning balance will be a positive. Yes, the number you enter for the beginning balance cash cell would be the total of all your cash accounts added together.

In your instance - you are using a real checking that is receiving proceeds/transfers from an operating loan so you balance should be a positive for the total of all your cash accounts for the start of the year you are creating the budget for.


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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How to use the Budget?

WaynoApril 10, 2018 06:00PM

Re: How to use the Budget?

Kathy ClineApril 13, 2018 07:45AM

Re: How to use the Budget?

Mitch KonenApril 15, 2018 06:29PM

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