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Re: Recording Harvested crop

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January 18, 2017 07:56AM
It would be recommended to setup the Field Properties as share crop. Right click on the field name for the custom work and select Properties. From the General Tab, check the box for Share Crop. Then select the Landlord Tab. Create or select this person for the custom work. Enter 100% for the harvested crops and any other input options. Click OK. When you record a harvest farming operation you will be able to enter the total amount of harvested crops and 100 will go to Landlord. This will keep the bushels from going into your inventory. The same would be for application or planting jobs, the supplies used would not be taken out of your inventory. This allows you to then bill them for those supplies (if you purchase), or if they are purchasing the supplies them selves and giving to you to apply, it will not affect your inventory. Hope this makes sense.


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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Recording Harvested crop

dklausmeyerJanuary 13, 2017 08:00AM

Re: Recording Harvested crop

Kathy ClineJanuary 18, 2017 07:56AM

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