December 02, 2016 06:01PM
When I print out an invoice for a client and select "show enterprise allocations", it does not print acres or the price per acre for the job. It does show the total price for the acres ran. It does print the supply used, price, and total. When I select "show invoice allocations", it shows the acres ran, price, and total. It does not show the supply used, cost, nor the total. So how do I get them all together on one invoice statement with showing acres, amount of supply used, cost per acre or supply, and the total per entry? I am using vs. 2016.02.00.57.

Invoice printing

Merlin & Lillian SchantzDecember 02, 2016 06:01PM

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Kathy ClineDecember 02, 2016 06:31PM

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dklausmeyerDecember 07, 2016 08:54AM

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Kathy ClineDecember 07, 2016 09:34AM

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