October 04, 2016 11:13AM
Hi, usually when harvest is all complete I will import harvested jobs from the cards. However, there have been some grain sales that were applied to a balance at the elevator and I would like to get this transaction done but, harvest isn't complete and I don't have info. from the cards yet. Is it possible for me to do a manually recorded job for now to get the inventory in and then later when I import off the cards it will recognize and sync up with the manual job that I put in? I am afraid to do this in case it won't sync up and it might mess with inventory, acres, and ect. What do you suggest?

Record Job & Job Import from Card

Tradition GOctober 04, 2016 11:13AM

Re: Record Job & Job Import from Card

Kathy ClineOctober 04, 2016 11:53AM

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