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Re: option for DEF

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August 30, 2016 08:36AM
DEF or diesel exhaust fluid is required on most new diesel engines for pollution control. DEF is kept in a separate tank then diesel and is injected into the exhaust system depending on the load placed on the engine. Consumption of DEF is usually stated as a percent of fuel consumed. ie My tractor on average consumes DEF at a rate of 8.25% of gallons of fuel consumed. My sprayer uses less DEF, 3.5% of fuel consumed and my combine uses 6.5% of fuel consumed.

It would be nice to have a place on a property tab to enter default DEF usage rate.

Currently I have my DEF as an other chemical and I have to add the inputs to a job and calculate the amount of DEF used. Having a default rate based on fuel usage to calculate the amount of DEF used would save a lot of time when entering operations.

Clear as mud, right?


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option for DEF

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Re: option for DEF

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Re: option for DEF

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Re: option for DEF

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Re: option for DEF

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