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July 23, 2016 08:32AM
Most generally you would write a check for this allowance from the Record Payment/Purchase and not run through PR. However, this can be done by following these steps:

1. Go to the Input Tab on the left hand side of project screen. Open the People heading. Right click on the first employee name and click Properties
2. Select the Payroll Tab
3. At the very bottom under the section called Deductions and Reductions, if needing an additional line (my already have a default blank line listed) click the Add Item button.
4. Click into the Description box. This provides a drop down arrow button. Click this button and select Add/Edit.
5. The Deductions and Reductions screen will appear. Select New for the Current box.
6. Click into the Description box and type something such as Cell phone allowance.
7. Skip the Alt language box. Select the account this expense should be posting to such as Utility expense or Telephone expense, your choice.
8. Leave the Maximum set at No Limits and DO NOT check any boxes on the right hand side.
9. Click Record and Done.
10. You will return to the Person Properties PR tab. Click into the Type box and from the drop down arrow select the $ option.
11. This option will not allow a negative dollar amount but can be overwritten when doing the PR Calculation/Enter Pay function. For now enter something like $1.00
12. Click OK at the Person Properties to Close.

When doing a payroll check and using the Pay Calculation window, after entering employee hours etc, and clicking the Calculate pay button, click into the deduction amount for the cell phone allowance and manually change to a negative dollar amount that will be reimbursed and select your Tab key. This will increase the total pay. Click Record to save the record to enable a check to be recorded.

Hope this helps!


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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Payroll additions

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Re: Payroll additions

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Re: Payroll additions

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Re: Payroll additions

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