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March 17, 2016 01:03PM
I would start by reviewing the 2015 Crop Enterprises to verify the supply cost for this item is correct. If so, they you can adjust this manually to zero. If you see that the Supply cost is missing from the Crop Enterprises, here are steps to correct the problem.

To audit why this happened, go to the Accounting-GL-Accrual Reports-GL Detail report. Enter correct date range and check the one option box called Select Specific Detail Items to print. On right scroll through the Asset/Inventory section and check the correct input account for this supply with the trouble. Click Print. When the Details screen appears - double left click on the supply name in question to send to the Items to print side. Click OK. This report can be used to audit.

Usually this happens when supplies have been adjusted, after a farming operation or purchase has been made. Here are the steps to correct problem.

Go to Accounting-Inv. Maintenance-Inv. Reports and Supplies. Print this report to paper.

Go to the Jobs Tab and click on the Clear Filter button. Then click on the Edit Filter button. (DO NOT use the date button) Sort by the correct Client/Farm/Field - Crop Enterprise and also check the box for the Input. Use the select button and open the Supplies and Type and highlight the one supply name with double costs. Click OK. This will display all the jobs for this particular C/F/F and crop year enterprise. Start by making sure that there is not duplicate jobs. If no duplicates, highlight all the jobs displayed. Right click on one of the jobs and select Properties. If using Accounting, you will not see a cost, but click on the File Menu and Print. Print these jobs to paper. Close the Preview screen. When back to the Job Properties click on the delete button just for this one supply and click OK. Print a new Enterprise report for this Field/Crop year and make sure that supply has been removed completely. Then go to Accounting-Inventory Maintenance-Inv. Reports-Supplies. Check to see what cost is showing for the supply. If not correct, go to Accounting-Inv. Maintenanace-Adjust supplies. Change the unit or total cost to match what should be. Record. You can check the Supplies inventory report again to verify unit cost has been changed correctly. Go back to the Jobs tab. Right click on same highlighted jobs and select Properties. Click on the Add menu at top and select Input. Open the Supplies and Type heading. Highlight the supply name that was deleted previously and click OK. Then re-enter the qty used based upon the Printing farming operation, making the data match. Click OK.

This should correct the Cost on the Enterprise Report.


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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Inventory Error

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