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Retiring old loans

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January 06, 2016 03:55PM
I have a few loans that have been consolidated or paid off that are still showing up with $0 loan balance on my Loan History Report. How or where can I retire these loans?

Also a suggestion, it would be nice to have a section when you setup new loans to be able to put in Interest Rate (Fixed or Variable) and the terms of the loan or other notations. I don't want to put all this in the Loan Description box as it gets too cluttered for my liking. Then you can have Loan Summary reports that would show the details of the loan and all the prior loan payments for that particular loan.


Retiring old loans

WaynoJanuary 06, 2016 03:55PM

Re: Retiring old loans

Kathy ClineJanuary 07, 2016 07:52AM

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