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December 31, 2015 09:27AM
I failed to explain what I am looking for. I am well aware of and use the current budget comparison report. I would like the report to be able to give me year to date totals. For example if I wanted to compare actual fuel expense to the budgeted fuel expense through the month of July. Currently I have to manually add up the months Jan- July to do a mid-year review. Doing this for all income and expense items is cumbersome. If the budget comparison report had a year to date option to select, it would make a mid year review much easier.
A month could be selected to do a mid year review. The report would then include the monthly columns for the year up to the month selected. The report would then total all items for the months selected allowing for a quick comparison for how the actual vs budget is progressing as you complete each month during the year.

Hopefully this explains it better


budget comparison

JohnDecember 30, 2015 02:25PM

Re: budget comparison

Kathy ClineDecember 30, 2015 02:41PM

Re: budget comparison

JohnDecember 31, 2015 09:27AM

Re: budget comparison

Mitch KonenDecember 31, 2015 11:28AM

Re: budget comparison

Mitch KonenDecember 30, 2015 02:32PM

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