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December 30, 2015 11:12AM

Playing around with this dilemna of small squares and round bales in hay production, and keeping track of the harvested inventory, I think I have come up with my own solution to my problem.

It is not necessarily the harvested unit that needs to be the main focus in keeping track of the inventory, but more emphasis has to be given to the "commodity" for inventory purposes. Thus creating seperate enterprises for each type of harvested unit.
ie; 1st Hay smsq, 1st Hay rnds
The harvested units can remain as bales in both cases of the enterprises. The difference will be shown as different "commodities", which is logical as the resulting harvested items are different from a commodity standpoint not a harvested unit standpoint.

This mirrors the variety issues of crops that I also endure. I grow malt barley varieties that are seperate and distinct from each other and the seperation must be maintained in production, inventory, and sales.
True, the different varieties are still under one account of Barley, but they are seperate and distinct commodities within this Barley account.

Thus, it is the "commodity" that is the primary focus of a harvested unit.

The Bale Summary Report would reflect the correct numbers of each commodity I think, if it actually worked. But maybe the Bale Summary Report was designed for the cotton producers the more I think about it. But a bale harvested unit would show up here I am thinking.

The inventory reports do work well as far as the commodities, crops, etc go.

Sorry for the end of the year rambling, but hopefully a beneficial insight and discussion.

Happy New Year


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