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Re: Entering fertilizer sales

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April 14, 2014 04:04PM
I am using the income, sales, and deposits
Entering the landlord as the purchaser
Clicking on the inventory supplies icon
Enter the supply, in this case 28-0-0
The percentage of cost is 0%
Enter the quantity sold, in this case lets say 25,000 lbs
I then enter the amount per lb say .1545 in the price per unit box and hit tab for the total amount.
It will then round down to .15/lb and give me a total of $3750.00
If I use .1555 it will round up to .16lb for a total of $4000.00 neither of which is correct.

Now I can change the total to whatever number I choose, but the unit price won't reflect.
Example: 25000 lbs x .1545 = $3862.50
I can enter this total but the price per unit will still show .15/lb So now when I give an invoice to a landlord, they look at .15/lb and wonder why the total is higher than 25000 lbs x .15 which equals $3750.00

I've never used the "bill landlord icon" Should I be? I just never messed with it.


Entering fertilizer sales

dklausmeyerApril 13, 2014 10:50PM

Re: Entering fertilizer sales

Kathy ClineApril 14, 2014 03:14PM

Re: Entering fertilizer sales

dklausmeyerApril 14, 2014 04:04PM

Re: Entering fertilizer sales

dklausmeyerApril 15, 2014 08:56AM

Re: Entering fertilizer sales

Kathy ClineApril 15, 2014 11:49AM

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