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February 08, 2014 08:34AM
The PR Worksheet is just a blank report that can be printed out (when not using the Time Sheet option) to manually write in the columns the information given by employee for the hours worked etc. This only aids in manually entering the Pay records when you go to Accounting -PR - Pay Calculation. OPTIONAL -If you are interested in using the Time Sheet option follow these steps:

1. Go to Accounting-PR-Time and Pay.
2. Click on the Options Menu and select Time Sheet
3. If you pay overtime after a certain amount of hours enter the number of hours required to reach for regular time. If you do not pay overtime wage then enter a number that could never to reached in one Payroll period.
4. Check the box for Time Sheet. If you want the option to print the Time and Pay report to present to employee that shows the number of hours worked for each day and all the pay information, check this option. If you select the print Signature Line, the same report will provide signature lines for the employee and supervisor to sign.
5. Select the number of Start/Stop time you wish to use on this Time Sheet. Click OK.

Each time you will record Paychecks you can go back to this Time and Pay option from the Payroll. Here you can select the Time Sheet and enter each employees Start and Ending times for each Day in that given time period you enter into the upper right hand corner. Record and repeat for next employee. Click Done when finished. The Next option under the Time & Pay box will be Pay Calculation. This screen is used whether we use the Time Sheet or not. Select first employee. Enter the correct Time period for pay starting and ending dates. If using the Time Sheet you can click the Update Hours button. Otherwise manually enter the hours calculated from that Work Sheet that was manually filled out. The first time we use this Pay Calculation you need to enter the hourly rate. After first time - it remembers the last pay rate used for the next week. This is where you can check what rates are being used for each employee in the future. Once you click the Calculate Pay button, FW will automatic calculate the Taxes and Deductions/Reductions setup for each employee and tax tables. Click Record.

Once all employees have record pay calculations, and we are back to the Time and Pay button you can print the Employee summary (optional) if needing a detail report of daily hours (entered through the time sheet), pay information, along with those signature lines (if selected). This report is handy if manually writing checks and would not have a Pay check stub with PR detail information. The Payroll Register Report is your copy of all the Pay Calculation details for this one pay period. Most will print and save for filing. Last steps is to record the Paychecks either printing checks or selecting all checks hand written.

After a real PR has been completed you will have access to other PR reports by going to the Accounting-PR-PR Reports and making the desired selection. At this time there is not a single report that prints the Employee name along with current Pay rate, but would be happy to submit this request to development.

An invoice can be edited after recording. Go to Accounting-Income, Sales and Deposits-Transaction Maintenance. The date range option can to used to narrow down your search. Once desired transaction has been displayed, highlight and click the Edit button.

For now setting up a supply for the Custom Hire is the best option, to allow for entering a qty. amount.


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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Payroll Report/Invoices

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