January 15, 2013 04:31PM
Janet -

I do apologize for missing your responses to this post.

Did the tractor that was traded in have any remaining book value?
If so this would have been rolled into the cost of the new equipment in the accounting book value.

If this equipment should have been depreciated out before the trade in, you will need to:
- delete the purchase and trade in
- go into depreciation - asset deprecation, select entire year, and enter the remaining value in the current depreciation box.
- Once this is recorded then go back and re-record the purchase of the new equipment and trade in

If the original equipment needs to stay on the books for depreciation purposes, when re-recording the transaction, click the settings button and use the option "keep traded item on General Ledger for depreciation".

I hope this helps

Jeff Geiger
TABS Support


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