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Re: Payroll reports

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August 03, 2012 01:25PM
That works, but its not a practical solution if you have a large number of employees and a significant amount of turnover. In my opinion, the employees need to stay on the reports when they were employed, regardless if they are retired. When I retire them, they do not need to show up in future reports as they no longer are employees. When you have to pull out a workers comp payroll report for a previous year, you want to have it report all the wages and all the employees. With a larger payroll, its way too time consuming to go back and figure out who to "unretire". Even if its 5 years from now and I want to produce a payroll report, it is not going to be accurate because the "retired" are not on the report. I think this is an issue that needs to be resolved.

Payroll reports

MarkAugust 02, 2012 08:40AM

Re: Payroll reports

Kathy ClineAugust 02, 2012 09:25AM

Re: Payroll reports

MarkAugust 03, 2012 01:25PM

Re: Payroll reports

Kathy ClineAugust 03, 2012 02:16PM

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