April 10, 2012 07:54PM
I have several different questions dealing with the Accounting Portion of Farm works. I have a Loan Set up under the loans section for my operating loan. I made a purchase and then had to make a return because it was the wrong piece. I attempted to make this transaction in farm works and some how got it all set up as a return but it did not credit the operating loan and it currently is setting in farm works as cash needing to be deposited. I do have the transaction # but can not find it under the transaction maintenance. How do i delete this transaction to start over? What is the proper way to deal with this transaction?

My next question is I have a previous loan set up that has been paid off since October of last year but some how i have a negative balance left. How do i get that balance to go to $0.00?

My Last question is I have several items listed under other assets that are not current. Some how i did the transaction and did not remove them from the list the proper way. How do I get the Other Assets accounts to go to a $0.00 balance?

I am using Windows XP with FW 2012.03.517 with Accounting & Trac
Sam Bauder

Several Questions....

farmer319April 10, 2012 07:54PM

Re: Several Questions....

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