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Livestock inventory issues

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December 03, 2011 10:42PM
I am starting to review our books for year end planning, and am coming up with a few issues that I need your input please.

I entered the amount of a check incorrectly but I am unable to edit this transaction as I get the following message: Unable to edit transactions which cannot be voided. The structure purchased has improvements on it. Please void the improvement first. Why can't I change the amount of the check? I was able to enter the same check number again and enter the amount of the difference between the actual amout of the check and what I entered for the first check. Why was I able to use the same check number twice?

When I enter deposits for livestock sold, I also deduct the cost of insurance and trucking. Now I realized that I want to separate out the costs of these items from general trucking for crops and regular insurance. I created expense accounts for these items and started editing my livestock sales deposits which worked for all of the groups of hogs except for one. I am now getting an error message stating that the sales causes book value to be -671.44 on 12/31/11. Sale cannot result in negative year end balance. I am not changing the sale of the livestock, but only renaming one of the expense accounts associated with the sale. I did not get this message when I first recorded the sale.
This got me looking further at prior entries. When I sell any livestock and save the entry and go back to look at it again it shows the before number of animals to equal what was sold and leaves a 0 in the ending balance. This even occurs when I sell a first batch from a group. I know these weren't the numbers when I did the initial entry.

I went back to my intial setup as this is our first year using FarmWorks. Each initial entry for our hog entries purchased prior to the start of this year has a date in 2011, rather than the actual date they were purchased. It is not the same date, nor does it correlate to anything. I thought this might have something to do with the inventory amounts, but I am not seeing a connection.

I also have the same journal entry for each of the entries in my ledger. When I posted entries today, they had unique numbers, but when I review them tonight they are all the same for the entire year.

Please help. I was starting to think I was starting to grasp this program, but now I am not so sure. Any suggestions that you have would be appreciated. I am running the program on Windows 7 and am have upgraded to version 2012.01-496.

Thank you.

Livestock inventory issues

Rodney MarquardtDecember 03, 2011 10:42PM

Re: Livestock inventory issues

Kathy ClineDecember 12, 2011 08:51AM

Re: Livestock inventory issues

Rodney MarquardtDecember 08, 2011 08:32PM

Re: Livestock inventory issues

Kathy ClineDecember 09, 2011 08:19AM

Re: Livestock inventory issues

Rodney MarquardtDecember 09, 2011 07:19PM

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