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Feeding livestock

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September 05, 2011 08:13PM
I want to "Feed" a group of animals DDGs, which is in Inventory/Supplies/DDG. The cattle were transferred to a feedlot on March 13, 2011 and April 1, 2011, and I want to Feed these animals before they were transferred, so I can get an accurate cost of production prior to the transfer. However when I right click on the animal group select "Feed" and enter the date 3/3/11, the message is that there are 0 animals in this group. I then went to Accounting/Inventory Maintenance/Inventory reports/Livestock on 9/5/11 and they are not listed, which is correct, b/c I transferred them to the feedlot on March 13 and April 1. I then changed the "working date" to March 3 (the day I want to "feed") and they are correctly listed in my Livestock Inventory Report. Therefore the inventory report lists the animals, but when I try to feed that group, I get the message that the group has 0 animals.

Feeding livestock

mikebakerSeptember 05, 2011 08:13PM

Re: Feeding livestock

Nicole YoqueletSeptember 06, 2011 04:24PM

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