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March 01, 2010 02:57PM
Since I cannot sell products from stock (it crashes) it was sugguested to me that I set up milk as a field and "farm" milk. How exactly do I do this? Also, I have 2 different creameries that I work with that have 2 different accounting methods. One creamery simply charges me for cheesemaking based on pounds of cheese produced. I pay cash for the cheesemaking, aging and packaging. The other creamery buys my milk then charges me a wholesale price on the cheese I buy back from them, all expenses are included in the price of the cheese. I may buy any amount of cheese back for cash or trade the value of the milk sold to them or simply sell them the milk. How shoud I set this up in funds? How do I invoice the creamery for the milk? Do I then set up the cheese as a supply so I can invoice retail customers? In addition, is there a report I can use for my restaraunt customers to show them the inventory I have available without showing them the avg cost and total cost?
Laura Sluder

Selling Milk

Laura SluderMarch 01, 2010 02:57PM

Re: Selling Milk

Kathy ClineMarch 01, 2010 05:33PM

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