January 11, 1997 12:00AM
1. To fix a deposit that was recorded for the wrong amount, use the Void Previous Sale option and then re-enter the sale for the correct amount.

2. To reverse a Transfer of funds, simple go back and repeat the transfer on the same date but use a negative amount (you may also want to add a memo that indicates you are reversing an entry that was double entered).

3. If you go to the General Ledger menu and go to either your cash or accrual books and go to the Trial Balance you will get a list of all your accounts along with their current balances. Each account will have a yellow button to the left of the account name. Click on this button for the savings account to get a listing of all the transactions for that account. You can change the balance forward date that is being used with the File menu in the upper left corner. Also you can get more information about any individual transaction by clicking on the magnifying glass button to the left of the transaction.

I hope this helps!

R. Scott Nusbaum CPA
Farm Works Software


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