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Re: Multiple Questions

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January 07, 1997 12:00AM
1. If you select "Add/Edit" from the Vendors drop-down list you will be taken to the Names and Addresses
box where you can select the name and do one of the following:
- If you don't want the name at all try to click on the Delete button to delete it. If the name has
been used for a purchase or a sale you won't be able to delete it. In this case put a Z in front of
the name (so it shows up at the bottom of any lists) and turn off the Sell To, Buy From, Other
and 1099 Required checkboxes. This will effectively hide the name.
- If the name is someone that you only sell to (meaning that you want it to show up in sales but
not in purchases) then turn off the Buy From checkbox but leave the Sell To checkbox selected.

2. There are two easy ways of entering an amount in a box that has 0.00 in it:
a. If you double click on the 0.00 it will be highlighted and you can type a number (including
decimal) that will overwrite the 0.00.
b. If you use the Tab key on your keyboard you can tab to the amount and it will be highlighted
so you can type over it. For example, in the Family Living box you can select the owner and Tab
to the category and select the category then tab to the amount and enter the right amount. Note
when tabing to the owner and category, you can make a selection by typing the leters of the
category (or owner) or by using the down-arrow on your keyboard you can move through the
list of categories or owners.

Also, when typing in the letters of a name (such as selecting a family living category) there are
two methods depending on whether you are using Windows 3.1 or Windows 95:

If you are using Windows 95 and you want to select the category "Groceries" you can type G -
R - O - C etc and it will select groceries.

With Windows 3.1 when you type a "G" it finds the first category that starts with "G" but if you
type "R" it finds the first category that starts with "R". Thus to select "Groceries" you should
press "G" then use the down arrow to move through the "G" categories until you find
"Groceries" (or continue to press the "G" key).

Try this out. It works anywhere that you are selecting a name (such as when you are selecting

3. Normally you would show the borrowing on the loan in the Income & Sales box along with a
deposit to your checking account, and then show the car purchase with a check in payments
and purchases. To record the entire transaction in Payments and Purchases:
a. Use the Purchase Option for Equipment to show the car purchase for $10,000.
b. Use the Purchase Option for Other Expenses and select Other Accounts and select your
checking account for $10,000 to show the loan proceeds going into your checking account.
c. Use the Check Purchase button to enter the $10,000 check.
d. Use the Loan Purchase button to show the new $10,000 loan.

Hope this helps!

Scott Nusbaum
Farm Works Software


Multiple Questions

C. Klein January 07, 1997 12:00AM

Re: Multiple Questions

Scott Nusbaum - Farm Works Software January 07, 1997 12:00AM

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