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Who is the Owner of this farm?

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July 26, 1996 12:00AM
Hey Guys,
This may seem like one of those "female questions", but when one exits initial set up, and you get the out of balance box, and it cues you to put in the owner(s) and their share, well the situation was that a farmer and his wife farmed alone. He just put in his name there. Well when she goes to putting in her "Family Living" side of things, it of course has just the husband listed as "owner". That didn't seem right to her. She asked me...I said, Good grief, I'll ask the experts...Scott I assume that is you. Man and wife are 50/50 usually, should it be set up that way as the man and wife seperate with 50/50 interest? Or should one just put there name together as 100 percent owners? Which is the technically, politically correct way to do this? You know, I am always looking out for the "women"...can't believe I didn't catch it myself! Ann


Who is the Owner of this farm?

Ann King July 26, 1996 12:00AM

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