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Re: FarmTrac link to Quicken

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May 03, 1996 12:00AM
The problem with linking Quicken to Farm Trac is that Quicken does
not include any of the information that is required for Farm Trac
to give any type of cost analysis. Quicken seems to be a good
package for tracking costs and revenues by category for tax purposes.
However, the software doesn't go much beyond that. When added to
Farm Trac, Farm Fund$ gives you the ability to track quantities of
inputs so that you can enter purchases of supplies and uses on the
field and Farm Fund$ can then give you quantities used for each field
along with their cost. Additionally, you can get a supplies inventory
report at any time that shows you the quantity and cost of the
supplies that you have on hand. Quicken, seems to only give you total
dollars of a supply category (such as chemicals, fertilizer, seed,
etc...). To convert this over to information for Farm Trac would
require as much (if not more) work as you would do to record it in
Farm Fund$. Additionally, if you're serious about keeping financial
records for someone other than Uncle Sam, you should be interested
in keeping Accrual Records (which show how profitable you've been
instead of just showing how much cash you've received & spent) as
well as budgeted cash flows and Market Value analysis. With Farm
Fund$ you get all of this information along with the tax schedule
that you need for Uncle Sam.

We realize that Quicken is an extremely popular software, and we
agree that for the average person who is simply trying to keep track
of household expenses and provide a nice schedule for doing a tax
return it is perfect. However, anyone who is interested in more
meaningful information about how profitable their farm or business
is needs more than Quicken. Whether we like it or not, the successful
farmer of the future is going to have to run his farm more like a
business does. I would point out that you would be hard pressed to
find many successful businesses that are using Quicken to keep their

In closing I would say that probably the only way that we could add
a link to Quicken would be just to add a button in the program that
said "Run Quicken". However, it is our opinion that the usefulness
of this would be no greater than if we added a button to "Run
Soitaire" or "Run Minesweeper".

FarmTrac link to Quicken

Bob Parberry May 02, 1996 12:00AM

Re: FarmTrac link to Quicken

May 13, 1996 12:00AM

Re: FarmTrac link to Quicken

Farm Works Support May 03, 1996 12:00AM

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