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Re: Purchased Crops for resale

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April 03, 1996 12:00AM
You can do the following to get a listing of the fields that you have spread fertilizer on:
1. Go to the History menu and select Notations then select Report.
2. Enter the date range that you are working with and select to Sort the report by Name. Also be sure to View Fields.
3. Click on the Show Me button.
4. Select "Limit Farming Notations by Supplies Applied" then in the Supplies Applied area click on the None button then select the fertilizer that you want to see. Click on the OK button.
5. Click on the first field in the Selection List then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the last field.
6. Click on the Add button to add all of your fields to the print list then click on the Print button.

This will print a report that shows all of the farming actions (by field) for the selected fertilizer.

To see how much of the fertilizer you have left you can print a Supply Inventory report (by selecting Inventory Maintenance from the Accounting menu then select Inventory Reports then Supplies).

With regards to billing, Farm Fund$ includes the ability to create invoices. In the Income & Sales area use the Sales Options menu to enter what is being billed (this can be several items such as hay, Custom Hire, service charges, taxes, etc...). You can then use the Invoice button to show that you are invoicing the sale and will be paid later. You can print an invoice at any time by selecting Print Invoice/Statement from the Income, Sales and Deposits menu. You can print an invoice for a single sale or a statement for several sales. The only thing that this area won't do is automatically calculate the fuel taxes or service charges.


Purchased Crops for resale

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Re: Purchased Crops for resale

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Re: Purchased Crops for resale

Bob Hicks April 02, 1996 12:00AM

Re: Purchased Crops for resale

Farm Works Support April 03, 1996 12:00AM

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