March 07, 2016 10:34AM
I have been using the FMX 1000 and a Liebrecht drain tile plow to design and install tile. My client wants to know the coordinates for the end pipes installed so he can field locate them if/ when necessary. When I installed the tile I recorded as the tile was installed so I believe this information should be recorded somewhere. Along with that he would like as-built profile views for each run installed. I cannot seem to find the profile views after I downloaded the project into farmworks. I hope you can help with these 2 questions.
Thank you,
Michael Kempley

Viewing coordonates of endpipes

wisconsintileMarch 07, 2016 10:34AM

Re: Viewing coordonates of endpipes

Jeff GeigerMarch 08, 2016 03:33PM

Re: Viewing coordonates of endpipes

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Re: Viewing coordonates of endpipes

Kathy ClineAugust 06, 2016 07:43AM

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