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Re: Adding Feature Line Names

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June 03, 2013 09:07AM

I've run into this issue before, and I use a 'workaround' for this problem.

First, I create a new field. Then I import the Feature Lines I want to work with off my flash drive as a generic shape file into the field I just created. This will show up as an <unassigned crop> under the field, and is named linefeature.

This might sound confusing, but next I copy and paste in a Feature Lines layer from another field in my project that I know was created with the FMX into my new field. This layer is named Feature Lines Copy after it's pasted into the new field.

The next step is I open this Feature Lines Copy layer and delete all the contents, the easiest way is to zoom out, hit edit, draw a box around everything and hit delete. Save and close and this gives you a 'blank' Feature Lines Copy layer.

Next I open the linefeature under <unassigned crop> and copy and paste the contents into my now blank Feature Lines Copy layer. From this point I'm able to hit edit and call my lines anything I want by right clicking any line, selecting Properties, and then editing the name line.

Finally, I create another field, and hit the create line features option. This creates a blank Feature Lines layer. I copy the contents of the Feature Lines Copy layer from the first field I created into this new Feature Lines layer, that gives me a Feature Lines layer with everything named how I want it to be named.

You can skip the last step if you just want the lines on your computer to be named correctly, but since it is not a 'true' Feature Lines layer until that final step, you will not be able to write it back to the FMX until you do it.

I'm running 2013.06.551 but this has worked for the past several versions. Good luck.

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Adding Feature Line Names

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