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Lidar to estimate jobs

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April 06, 2013 09:08AM
Please consider adding the ability to use Lidar. I understand that the concept is to survey the field, design at home, and install straight off the design. One area where Farmworks is loosing customers to the competition is the ability to estimate upcoming jobs without having to complete an infield survey.

The two conflicting ideas on how to build a full tiling solution are:
1. Farmworks and Trimble want a design to be built off of accurate data points using RTK and an infield survey before any designing is started.
2. The competition allows the ease of sitting at home and design a tiling plan off of Lidar (allowing estimates to be done before any real work is started), then survey each line right before installing the tile.

Don't get me wrong, I love being able to install right off of the design. Please don't change that!

My request is to allow a Farmworks user the ability to use Lidar to create a design but not let that design be exported for installation, just so estimates can be created from home in winter when the field is not accessible. Call the feature Surface Estimate and charge us for it. Your customers will pay for it.

Brian Swenseth
High Plains Equipment
Devils Lake, ND

Lidar to estimate jobs

bswensethApril 06, 2013 09:08AM

Re: Lidar to estimate jobs

Kathy ClineApril 08, 2013 11:14AM

Re: Lidar to estimate jobs

james.p.gordonJanuary 28, 2014 03:03PM

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