July 08, 2014 02:27PM

I'm having difficulty transferring information from the Connected Farm app on my android to the Farmworks Software on my desktop. I have gathered that I cannot send information (field boundaries etc) to the phone app from the computer, but when I send scouting information to the computer from the phone the information is incomplete. When I sync the phone and process the inbox a dot will appear on the map/field where I marked a flag, but I can't find the other information I logged when I was in the field. How do I access the notes I made and the picture I took. In addition, the flag is titled in Farmworks by the location, but there is also no information on the type of flag (weed, disease, etc) and does not appear to have any detail. I have tried importing the information as both boundary and a job and still have not been able to find the information. I have tried right clicking and looking at the properties, but it only lists that there is an image and notes there, but does not show the notes themselves. Please let me know if there is any solutions to this issue.

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Information from Phone to Computer

mycogenJuly 08, 2014 02:27PM

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