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December 29, 2014 11:10AM
There are actually a couple different ways you can handle this issue. Do you have an idea of what the potential crop may have been? Also how do you plan on handling this for Crop Insurance purposes, if applicable?

Option ONE: No Crop Insurance and no idea on average of harvested crop potential

You should still record a manual Harvest operation to these fields using one piece of equipment setup as a harvester. DO NOT enter any charge units to the Equipment or enter any harvested crop qty amounts. Click OK. This will remove the non harvested fields from the Growing Crop Inventory.

To get a grazing cost allocated to the Livestock, I would follow these steps:

1. Go to Accounting-GL-Add Accounts.
2. Place dot my Expense.
3. Type a description under new account called Grazing Expense.
4. Click the + button.
5. Click Record and Done.
6. Then go to Accounting - Enterprises-Allocate Inputs.
7. Select Expense and highlight the account called Grazing Expense.
8. Enter the desired dollar amount you wish to use for animal groups.
9. From the Enterprise Type, select Livestock and highlight the animal group names that grazed those fields.
10. Enter desired date for correct accounting year and click Record and Done.

Option TWO: (Have a estimated harvested crop qty due to Crop insurance measurement)

1. Record a harvested crop operation as stated before, leaving the equipment charge units blank, but this time enter the estimated crop insurance evaluation for the harvested crop qty amount. Click OK.

Getting crop moved to a supply and fed to animal groups.

1. Go to the Accounting-Inventory Maintenance - Transfer Crop to Supply.
2. Select correct Crop, Location and Date
3. Enter the same qty that was harvested from above step
4. Enter a cost (this does 2 things - assigned a harvested crop value to the Field and also cost to the Feed supply).
5. From the supply box drop down select or create a supply called Corn for Feed.
6. Enter same qty and units Click Record and Done.

Record a livestock Feeding

1. Go to the Input Tab
2. Open Animals - right click on group name and select Feed
3. Enter correct date
4. Select Supplies and highlight the Corn for Feed and click the Add to schedule button
5. enter matching qty amounts as before and cost is applicable
6. Click OK


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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