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January 30, 2013 11:06AM

You are correct there and I understand completely how this would work as long as you are running Stock only.

I am looking at it from more of an accounting point of view, which is why we have the integration of field, herd, and accounting. So I am just trying to paint a picture of a flow chart of the logic, thinking out loud for all to ponder or scoff. Please bear with me on this little narrative.

Let's look at this cow like a field;
Herd = Farm
Cow(Group) = Field
Breed = Seed
Birth = Growing Crop
Wean = Harvest
Sell Calf = Market Crop

The selling of the calf would be the same as the selling of a crop. So that cow(group) has its own enterprise just as a field does. At some point we have to create a value for that calf crop, just as we do for a corn or bean or wheat crop, which is evidenced by the marketing of these crops or calves.

Therefore; as we harvest a crop and it sits in inventory as a harvested crop we have the option to do several things; sell it, feed it, or seed it.

Selling it is a pretty straight forward transaction which is attributed to the field or acres from whence it came, in which that calf is the harvested crop when sold is attributed to that cow group.

Feeding or seeding requires us to basically turn this harvested crop into an input supply in which we transfer the crop to a supply, thusly establishing a value of that crop creating an asset.

Since we don't necessarily create an annual calf crop enterprise like we do with field production, we have no way to transfer that calf to an asset.
We could accomplish this by simply selling this calf (replacement heifer) for a value, purchase her back (simply on paper for same value) as breeding stock, thus making her an asset and adding her to the herd.

I will digress a little here. We can't create an enterprise statement per se on each individual cow like we can on a field, but we can create an enterprise statement on a group, from an accounting point of view. We can pull up individual reports on cows from within Stock.

Thanks for your time,



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