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Re: Trying to get stockmate up and running again.

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February 03, 2010 12:21AM

Hopefully you have a backup pior to your updating in which it made the unassigned mess for you. Melvin will be a great help in getting you around this dibacle if you have a backup and have the ability to reinstall v11 to another directory, then restore. This is not for the faint hearted or easy by any means, but can get you some semblance of your old records back to start from. I will be sure to point him to this post.

Where are you located? My email should be available by clicking on my name in this post, if you care to converse this way.
The reason I ask where you are from is that here in Montana we have Bangs tags in cow ears, and some times we can trace our cattle tags and numbers back to this Bangs tag. (cross-reference) Bangs tag is a metal tag which is virtually permanent in the ear. It has a stamped number in it and has to be installed in heifers by a vet. Just wondering if you have this option. Kind of an alternate ID.

One issue that I had to overcome concerning Stock and Funds is understanding the terminolgy that each module uses and how they are connected.
Suggestion 1: If you are working only with cattle, Species = Cattle (Funds to Stock)
Suggestion 2: Make sure you only have one(1) Animal Type - Cattle (Stock)
You could have more than one if you wish, but realize that for each Animal Type, it basically creates another project, and you have to build each of your picklists in each, Locations, breed, color, etc. (within Stock)

"Group" in Stock is the link to the "Group" that shows up in the Funds - Inputs/ Animal tree.

Use your Inventory tab in Stock, and select each Animal type, All Locations and All Groups, All Animals ID. Select the Inv Check button about in the center of the window and then select Location and Group in the Livestock Inventory window, and right under Livestock there is a Print option. Print a report for each Animal Type you may have. There is an Inventory by Location report in the Report tab, but it prints garbage for me, you might have better luck.

In Funds: Right click on each of the Groups under Animals in the Input tree. Pay notice to whether they have accounting info in the Category(?Resale or Breeding Stock?), Account(Animal Type), No. of head.

Once we know where you are standing we will try to get you moving ahead.

Hopefully helpful for now,


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Trying to get stockmate up and running again.

hobbieFebruary 02, 2010 05:19PM

Re: Trying to get stockmate up and running again.

Mitch KonenFebruary 03, 2010 12:21AM

Re: Trying to get stockmate up and running again.

Melvin G.February 03, 2010 12:21AM

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