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Re: bull calves to steers

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February 02, 2010 10:29PM

How is this done on a calf crop which is still attached to the moma cow group?
Ex. This years calves(2010) will be listed in the Cow group until they are weaned, at which time they will be placed into their own distinct group, seperate from the cows.
In order to change these vitals on these bull calves while it is associated with the cow group, I will have to select each individual calf from the cow group, one at a time. This(one at a time) is also the case for doing any other health or action to this calf crop, until it is weaned and grouped seperately.

I guess what I am really looking for is a way to sort just this calf crop from the rest of the animals in order to perform certain actions on just the calves. Maybe I am just missing this sort option.



bull calves to steers

Mitch KonenJanuary 31, 2010 04:16PM

Re: bull calves to steers

Deb HurrawFebruary 02, 2010 05:22PM

Re: bull calves to steers

Mitch KonenFebruary 02, 2010 10:29PM

Re: bull calves to steers

Melvin G.January 31, 2010 11:59PM

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