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April 08, 2015 01:25PM
I found that after reading the spray job into Farm Works and linking it to the tank mix, the decimal places are off in the Print Job report. If I go into the job properties and revise the Qty Used values for the spray supply to the values I get off the same job from the customer's Dashboard and adjust the Applied Area acres to the actual acreage in the field, the Print Job Report is correct and the decimals are in the correct place.

But the Printed Map for the job still has the decimal in the wrong place in the legend and shows the total gallons of tank mix used on the left.

I tried changing the Layer properties by choosing a supply for the Rate, but the Tank Mix was not an option in the drop down menu. When I choose the main ingredient of the tank mix, and clicked Ok, the decimal places did not change on the Map legend which shows Rate of Tank Mix applied, but now the main ingredient shows on the left side with the correct total amount used. Farm Works would not let me delete the supply ( or choose none) in the Layer Properties once I entered one, so I could not go back to having the Map showing a product which actually "matched" ( off by one decimal) the legend.

If I have to do this on every spray job to get a correct report and still the map is wrong, it will be very frustrating for the customers and I.

Dusty Eddy
Professional Services Manager
ATI Solutions LLC
The Dalles, OR

Tank Mixes

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