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May 21, 2011 08:08PM
Kathy in this reply of yours what Windows Mobile OS are you reffering to?

There is not a build for SD Card for the FW Mobile as this time. You are correct that it iwll only install to the Main Memory. I recommend that you delete from the SD Card and only install to Main Memory for the time being. Is your iPAQ older that has the Pocket PC OS or does it have the Windows Mobile OS. If you have the Windows Mobile then you do not need to have the software installed on the SD Card, because Windows Mobile will not lose installed programs if the battery discharges.If you have a Pocket PC let me know, I could have a work around for you.

Also is there any hope of getting your field software on an Iphone or Android sysyem? If a version of windows comes out on a small tablet that should work, right?

Windows Mobile

PhilMay 21, 2011 08:08PM

Re: Windows Mobile

Kathy ClineMay 23, 2011 09:32AM

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