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version 2009 will not install

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March 07, 2009 04:02PM
When I try to install Vs 2009 to IPAQ 3900, it says it is installing, when I try to open it, it will come on as 2009.10 for a few seconds then it says "Application Sitemate.exe has performed an illegal operation and wil be shut dow. It the problem persits, contact the program vendor.

Program: sitemate.exe
exception: 0xc0000005
address: 000a34e0

If i click OK, it opens as 2008.10

Have tried this four or five times same result, either on storgae card or main memory.


version 2009 will not install

Robert BottensMarch 07, 2009 04:02PM

Re: version 2009 will not install

Kathy ClineMarch 07, 2009 06:20PM

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