February 13, 2009 06:02PM
I am creating the grids in sitepro. Putting them onto the field computer. I then go to the field, bring up the field background layer and the grid for that field. I then select the first point, then navigate to point. I then have to tap on the navigation compass in the bottom left corner of the screen expanding it to the full screen size. Its to small to see it well with out expanding it when traveling across a rough field. After pulling the point I have to swap the navigation screen, reducing it back to the bottom corner of the screen. I then tap the next point and select navigate to point, then expand the navigation screen again. This is all taking alot of time. I would like to be able to expand the navigation screen from the selection of the first point and stay in it, by just having the option of tapping a button that would automatically navigate me to my next point. Having to swap the navigation screen and map screen, manually select or tap on each point and select " navigate to point is to time consuming.

I would also like to see the point Id constantly displayed while in the expanded navigation screen. This would allow me to constantly keep up with sample # or point I was pulling. Some time container labels or container themselves will get mixed up, resulting in getting the sample in the wrong container and screws up the entire grid, if its not caught. I am constantly checking the point attributes as well, just to be sure the right point is going into the right sample container.

The current setup wouldnt be bad if a person only had a few hundred or even a couple thousand acres to pull. When gridding several thousand acres, all of this tapping the screen is costing me a bunch of time.

Changes in sitemate scouting

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