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Re: sitemate VRA with Raven

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August 05, 2008 02:59PM
I fully understand why the Raven protocol would not work with Site Mate VRA (to log both values) in this situation. With the Raven protocol, the RX attribute is designed specifically for the rate that is sent to the controller. So the only time the program will log something is if you have a VRA map loaded and you are sending rates out (which is worthless in your scenario). Probably the best way to get the data logged using the Raven protocol would be to send the second attribute as the swath width. You would not see this on the map, but it will get included in the data. If you go this way, make sure that you do not turn on the option to "Only Log Data when booms are on". When this option is set, the program will not log when it sees zero for the swath width.

With regards to the Veris protocol, the program will actually log the "deep" reading as "Rate 2" and not as RX Rate. You would see that in the .dbf of the shape file. Also, be sure that you're exporting the data as points and not paths.

I hope this helps!

R. Scott Nusbaum
Farm Works Software

sitemate VRA with Raven

Chuck MerjaAugust 05, 2008 01:52AM

Re: sitemate VRA with Raven

Scott NusbaumAugust 05, 2008 02:59PM

Re: sitemate VRA with Raven

Chuck MerjaAugust 06, 2008 09:39AM

Re: sitemate VRA with Raven

Scott NusbaumAugust 07, 2008 03:26PM

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