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Loading sprayer on Palm PC

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With Trac Mate, it's no longer necessary to load the sprayer. Here's the steps to apply a chemical:

1. Select the New button at the top of Trac Mate. Select the Field and Crop that is being farmed. The three fill options allow you to quickly perform repetitive operations. The New option will create an operation with no items selected. Use Same as last op if the operation uses the same items as the last record that was entered. Use Same as current op if the operation uses the same items as the record currently displayed on the screen.
2. Set the date of the operation by selecting the down arrow next to the date. After selecting the proper month tap on the desired day to set the date. If you are farming less than the entire field, enter the number of acres being farmed.
3. Use the buttons at the top to select the items used in the operation. There will be buttons for People, Equipment, Supplies, and Harvested Crops. Note that you can select each button more than once (if for example you are using more than one piece of equipment). After pressing one of these buttons, a list of the available items will be displayed. Select all the items of that type used in the operation.
4. The specific items that are selected will be displayed on the Trac Mate screen. To enter details for any item, simply tap on it with your stylus.
5. Each field record will also include a Notes line. Tap on this line to enter remarks that you would like to review later. These may include notes about broken tiling, weed problems, or insect problems. These notes will be recorded in Farm Trac as a notation on the field.
6. Turn on the "Op Completed" option after entering all the data for a farming operation. Note that an operation will not synchronize with Farm Trac until this option is enabled.
7. To start the next operation select the New button again and select the new field that you are working in.
If you have a chemical or fertilizer that is not showing up in the Supplies box and you have one of the version 7.0 series, go back to the "Supplies Properties" box in Trac or Funds and change the chemical or fertilizer category to an "Other Chemical." After doing this you can resynchronize with Trac Mate and the chemical or fertilizer will be listed. This is a bug that is being fixed. We will be sending out updates that include this fix in the coming weeks.

I hope this helps!

R. Scott Nusbaum
Farm Works Software


Loading sprayer on Palm PC

Merlina Tate January 20, 2001 12:00AM

Loading sprayer on Palm PC

R. Scott Nusbaum - Farm Works Software January 22, 2001 12:00AM

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