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October 17, 2000 12:00AM

You have lots of questions for me to try and remember them all. For the most part SiteMate VRA does record your application rate of the seed in that part of the field. I recommend putting each different type of seed for that field on a seperate layer. Example: If you have a 40 acre field(say Walter 1) and plant it to 4 different crops(peas,carrots,beans,corn)side by side or however and use GPS(which we offer) with SiteMate VRA then you would have the boundaries for each crop in that field.

Now import this information into Site onto each respective layer. Now split your field(Walter 1)on the Main Farming Layer into 4 fields, using the recorded info for each crop as a guideline on where the boudaries are located,(say Walter 1, Walter 1a, Walter 1b, Walter 1c). By using a,b,c with Walter 1 you then know it all relates back to Walter 1 at a later time when you need to merge the field back to Walter 1(as a 40 acre field). Now you can keep track of the exact acres for each crop in that field. You can then record all the farming actions for each field and have seperate information for each crop.

For now (unless the 7.0 version will)SiteMate cannot record varities of crops,it will only do rates. For this we use an AgLeader(which we offer) to record the different seed varities and where each is planted.

We use the Compact Areo(which we offer). They are somewhere around $500. Also you would need the proper cables(which we offer) to connect to the handheld and controllers. It is VERY important to have the proper cables for all this to work. Most cables are costum made.

I must say this. FarmWorks will do what you have asked. We have been doing it on our farm for a few years with great results.

Hopefully Scott will clarify your questions a little better.

Feel free to e-mail me for any other questions.

Good Luck,

Larry O'Brien
O'Brien Farms

field mapping

Walter Hook October 17, 2000 12:00AM

field mapping

Larry O'Brien October 17, 2000 12:00AM

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