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Re: Maintenance Records

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January 20, 1997 12:00AM
Here is how you can set up Maintenance records:

1. Right-click on the icon that you want to enter a record for and choose the Notations option.

2. In the Notations box click on the Add button to add a new notation.

3. For the Type of notation select Add/Edit and create a new type of notation called "Maintenance". You
will use this type for all future maintenance records.

4. Enter the date and description of the action and choose the OK button and the record will be

5. To display only maintenance notations in the Notation box choose the Show Me button and
then select the None button for Notation Categories and then click on your Maintenance
Record category.

These maintenance records can be used for anything that you want. You can also set up
separate categories for anything else such as warranty information, etc...

I hope this helps!

R. Scott Nusbaum CPA
Farm Works Software


Maintenance Records

C. Klein January 18, 1997 12:00AM

Re: Maintenance Records

R. Scott Nusbaum January 20, 1997 12:00AM

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