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Scanning FSA (ASCS) maps

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February 07, 1996 12:00AM
FarmWork Users:

I have also enjoyed reading the information posted to the Farm Works Support Discussion Group over the past
few weeks. We continue to notice a lot of questions related to scanning, mapping, and calibrating FSA (I trying
to get use to their new name) maps.

Over the past few weeks, scanned and calibrated our farm and our neighber's farms. I feel pretty comfortable with
the mapping phase of the program. If you are interested in getting help with map scanns, feel free to contact
me or my partner in mapping at: 618 273 8195 or

PS: Many of you may already be doing this, but for TEXT, I have started setting the grids to the text size that I
want before starting to type the text. This way, regardless of the zoom level, the text will always be very close
in size. I soon realized that I was editing and re-editing text and font size to get them to look and print out
the same size. For the most part set the grid at 120 feet seems to work real nice. It readable when working
with the maps on the monitor and when print the maps of fields on paper, they continue to be legible. Let me know
if you have any other decent work arounds for similar situation.

Again, thanks to FarmWorks for supporting the software in this manner.
Looking forward to hearing from the Farm Works users.


Gary Ellis

Scanning FSA (ASCS) maps

Gary Ellis February 07, 1996 12:00AM

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