January 16, 2018 02:19PM
I am losing my scale tickets when entered for my corn crop. I do NOT lose them with other crops.

The tickets are entered, configured, tabulations are correct, save information. When I go to properties for that operation, or even to Records, for scale tickets, they are no where to be found. Under properties, I can click on scale tickets and it's as if they've never been entered, even though the bushels are still correct on the main properties page.

This is the first year for entering corn, but the farms/fields have been in the system for years.

I'm missing something.....

Thanks, Dan

Missing Scale tickets

dklausmeyerJanuary 16, 2018 02:19PM

Re: Missing Scale tickets

dklausmeyerJanuary 16, 2018 02:22PM

Re: Missing Scale tickets

Kathy ClineJanuary 18, 2018 07:57AM

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