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Re: Cancel, undo, Mac version

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February 27, 1997 12:00AM
>I can assure you that if the process of creating a Mac version were as simple
>for us as you described, we would have done so a long time ago. As you pointed
>out there is a great deal of interest in a Mac version and if we could easily
>create one we would be stupid not to.

By no means did I intend to imply that creating a Mac version would be simple.
Porting an existing program from one environment to another is seldom simple
or easy.

I intended to indicate that if the porting process were undertaken it would then
be possible to support both platforms from a single environment. This would
make supporting both platforms less resource intensive.

Without question the porting process will require an investment of time and

>Although this website may make it appear that there are more Mac users,
>everything else points to the fact that there are more Windows users than Mac
>users and thus we feel that providing additionaly features to our Windows
>programs would currently benefit more users.

I only called attention to the number of requests for a Mac version posted to
this web site to point out that a Mac version of FarmWorks is one of your most
frequent requests. Macintosh currently enjoys a 9% market share. Clearly there are more Windows
users out there.

>In the long run we do plan on adding a Mac version.

I am a firm believer in Mac. It is frustrating that there is very little
agricultural software for the Mac. There are a lot of farmers using Macs.
FarmWorks is an outstanding software package. FarmWorks brings a very Macintosh
like interface to the Windows platform, to the benefit of Windows users.

It is exciting to hear that FarmWorks for the Mac is at least on the board. I
understand the difficulties of limited and/or stretched resources. I hope that
the opportunity to produce a Mac version comes quickly. I believe it will be
a surprisingly profitable venture for FarmWorks.



Cancel, undo, Mac version

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Re: Cancel, undo, Mac version

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Re: Cancel, undo, Mac version

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Re: Cancel, undo, Mac version

Smittie February 27, 1997 12:00AM

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