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April 25, 2016 08:37AM
In Mobile

1. From the Jobs tab, select the New Mapping job button.
2. Create or select the correct Client/Farm/Field
3. Click OK at the New Job button.
4. Select the Log menu and make sure the Boundary and automatic boxes are check.
5. Drive to desired first field location.
6. Tap Go. Start driving around the desired location for the one crop area.
7. As you are driving a boundary line should follow you.
8. When back to starting spot, tap Stop.
9. If this area will be a permanent field boundary (not changing year after year) then you can tap on the boundary line and select Save as Field Boundary. If not, then simply tap Finish button.
10. Make the job as a finished and yes to completed.
11. If the polygon/area map that you logged was not saved as a field boundary it will sync back to FW Office as a background layer. This layer can then be used to edit the Crop Enterprise Map - See instructions below.

From FW Office.

1. Right click on a field boundary name from the red barn tool and select Edit Boundaries
2. Use any of the desired map-editing tools to correct or change the boundary map.
3. Click Save and Close.

If you give me more specific problem on what needs to be changed on a field boundary I can be of better help with what tools may work best for you.

Using background map for Crop Enterprise

1. From the Red Barn tab, open the correct Client/Farm/Field and double left click on the polygon/area layer that came from Mobile.
2. Right click on the map and select Copy.
3. From the red barn tab, Right click on the Crop Enterprise Name and select Edit Boundaries. (may need to be created first, by right clicking on the field name and select New crop enterprise. Select correct crop and number of area, click OK)
4. From the Map-Editing screen, right click on the map that may look like the entire field boundary and select Delete. Then right click on blank screen and select Paste Addition. The new map that we copied should now have replaced the old map.
5. Click Save and Close.

Hope this helps!


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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Field record job

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