January 25, 2016 10:58AM
Firstly, did you weigh the grain that was placed into Bin Storage for each field? If you want a map to match with the weighted tickets etc, then you would want to edit the Imported harvest job from the monitor. You can still enter your tickets by the field, by entering the individual hauled tickets and one ticket that estimates the balance of the one field placed into Bin. From the Harvest location box (if using the Accounting) within the Job Properties, let it stay a default as blank, which keeps the bushels in the Field name as a storage location. When you have completed the Scale Tickets for the field total, this will change the total harvested. Make sure this number matches the total from the Scale Tickets. When clicking OK to save the new information from the Farming screen, it will ask if you wish to reconcile the map. Answer Yes. This will create a new Layer attribute for Dry Yield Reconciled for viewing the adjusted map with corrected bushels. If you are using the Accounting Software, you can click on the Accounting Menu and select Inventory Maintenance-Move Harvested Crops to transfer from the Field Location to the Bin Storage Location.


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