January 04, 2016 01:01PM
I farm an 80 that has been split and now owned by two different owners. When I plant, or spray, I want to farm it as one unit.... same crop same operation on the monitor. Is there a way to split it on Farmworks when transferring the data. I will now harvest it separately as it is share cropped, but spraying and planting would be less efficient to physically do separate. I use JD 2600's on sprayer and planter. I have data on it as one unit for years past. Can I integrate this info? Looking for suggestions. My goal would be to still physically farm it as one unit, but record data as two separate farms.

Thanks, Dan

Data recording

dklausmeyerJanuary 04, 2016 01:01PM

Re: Data recording

Kathy ClineJanuary 04, 2016 04:26PM

Re: Data recording

dklausmeyerJanuary 04, 2016 04:31PM

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