December 15, 2015 08:03AM
You need to make sure one of your pieces of equipment is set to be a harvester. Suggestion would be maybe the Baler. Go to the Input Tab. Open machines and either create the baler as a new equipment or right click on the one you have and select Properties. From the General Tab, make sure the Category is Harvesting. Select the Options Tab and make sure the box called Harvester is checked. Click OK.

1. Place this baler and any other desired inputs to record the harvest operation into the Working Group box at bottom of Input Tab, by double left clicking.

2. Click the Apply to Fields button.

3. Select correct Client/Farm/Field.

4. Click the Record Completed Job Button.

5. When the Farming screen appears, click into the Crop Enterprise box and select the correct Hay commodity. Some that may have several cuttings can setup the commodities for Hay-First cutting - Hay Second cutting and so forth. Harvested unit can be bales or large bales or small bales and make sure the correct Desinty (weight of the bale has been entered correctly). From the harvest information can enter the total qty amount harvested.

6. Fill in any other information from the added inputs for the operation. When completed click OK.

If you need further help please let me know, are tell me exactly what the issues are.


Kathy Cline,
Trimble Ag Software Support
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How To Record Hay Production

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Re: How To Record Hay Production

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