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import harvest yield from AFS 700 Pro

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July 27, 2015 03:29PM
Anyone know if it is possible to change commodity names in the AFS 700 Pro monitor to match
my Farmworks; I don't see a way to type in a different name that the choices it gives? Importing 40 fields with harvest yields of commodity such as billy beans
or Sierra garbanzo beans...but of course FW doesn't recognize the dry beans or chickpeas generic names
that the AFS700 has ...very limited commodity choices. It is frustrating when importing info from a different monitor
and the names don't match so FW puts it under the field name as a new commodity, so all 40 have
to be clicked on and changed in the job properties to match the proper commodity that is in I missing
something? thanks!

import harvest yield from AFS 700 Pro

dtstoutjvJuly 27, 2015 03:29PM

Re: import harvest yield from AFS 700 Pro

Mitch KonenAugust 04, 2015 10:34AM

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