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Re: Record keeping with 750 monitor

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June 18, 2015 07:50PM
George -

There have been quite a few updates since the version of the software that you are on. I would like for you to upload the data from your monitor so we can test it on the current version to see if we get the same results.

Here are the steps to upload the data

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Place the USB drive into appropriate card reader drive.
2. Right click on the computer Start button and left click on Explore.
3. Use the scroll bar on the left hand section to locate the drive reading the card and highlight.
4. This will display the data files/folders found on the card on the right hand side.
5. Hold down on the ctrl key on keyboard and left click on all items displayed.
6. After all items have been highlighted, right click on one of the highlighted files, select Send To and then select Compressed zip file.
7. Windows will then compress all the selected files into one file with a .zip file extension right on the same storage card. (It will name this file whatever the last file name in your highlighted list was called).
8. When you click on the link I provided follow these steps to upload:


Click on the Words "Upload Here".

1 When the small upload box appears click on the button called Browse.
2. Change the Look In box to where you the .zip file. In your case this will be the drive reading the storage card.
3. Highlight the file name and click Open.
4. When you have returned back to the previous screen, click on the button called Upload below the file name box.
5. You will see the process bar and will receive a message when upload is complete. (DO NOT close this window until upload is complete)
6. Send an email to tell me that your file is on our web site along with the file name to Please include a brief message reminder of the problem you are having.

Thank You

Jeff Geiger
TABS Support

Record keeping with 750 monitor

George G. KreidtJune 17, 2015 01:08PM

Re: Record keeping with 750 monitor

Jeff GeigerJune 18, 2015 07:50PM

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