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Deleted Job remains visible in jobs tab listing

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May 05, 2015 06:42PM

I attempted to delete a number of completed job items today. Most successfully voided the information and were removed from the visible job listing. However, a number of jobs did not disappear from the listing. The warning message "Transaction already voided." appears after confirming, yes, I want to delete the selected jobs.

Referencing other threads, I have attempted the key combination A and F from the about Farm Works menu - no effect.

Along this line of thought, how often is it recommended to modify a completed job? In the past I have imported application job data from an Ag Leader Edge monitor - primarily tracking acres and where product was applied. After importing the completed job, I would edit the job adding inputs (people, equipment, supplies) and a corresponding quantity. At times I may modify the completed jobs adjusting used quantities more than once. I am leaning toward a different process going forward - continuing to import my data from outside monitors, but maintaining actual inventory consuming information in planning jobs. I will keep the planning jobs active, modifying as necessary, until the point I feel comfortable that no additional changes are necessary, and the complete the job. I am leaning toward this alternate method to avoid the large number of reversing and voiding journal entries that appear when I follow my traditional method.

Chris Krapfl

Deleted Job remains visible in jobs tab listing

ChrisMay 05, 2015 06:42PM

Re: Deleted Job remains visible in jobs tab listing

Kathy ClineMay 05, 2015 07:36PM

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